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As we get older so do our teeth and they naturally darken or turn yellow. Some patients just have dark or yellow teeth. If you would like to whiten or lighten the color or your teeth the tooth bleaching is an option for you. We currently do not fully understand how it works but it does. Studies have shown tooth bleaching to be effective and safe.

All systems today use a form of peroxide to lighten the teeth. Depending on the formulation and strength of the solution it can be applied at home, in the shopping mall or dental office. The most common side effect is tooth sensitivity and you don’t want to apply it to teeth with existing decay. With any system the usual result is to lighten your teeth up to two shades using a standard vita shade guide.

The systems designed for home use a mild solution and can be directly applied with a brush or other device and your teeth will get lighter. What is offered at the shopping mall and spa’s is another version of the home type solution applied under a light. The key opinion leaders in dentistry all agree that the light is a marketing tool and does not improve the bleaching results. The most predictable way to bleach your teeth is under supervision of a dentist. The dentist will identify if the discoloration is caused by decay and if you are a candidate for bleaching. Depending on your clinical presentation your dentist may start you on a mild to moderate concentration or jump into the stronger solutions for faster results. Often a dentist will take dental impressions and make a specific carrier to apply the bleaching solution.

The cost for professional bleaching can vary from $150.00 to $600.00 for both arches. In my Levittown and Commack offices the average cost for the full mouth is $300.00 and this includes the bleaching trays, exam and consultation.

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