Tooth Extraction Post-Operative Instructions. 


You just had a tooth removed and we would like you to read this and follow a few basic guidelines. Part of you mouth may still be numb when you leave the office. It's very important that you don't try to chew anything until the local anesthesia has worn off or you may injure your lips, cheeks or tongue. If your extraction was performed under sedation use good judgement and don't drink or drive for 24 hours.  Also it's recommended you do not smoke for 24 hours. Smoking causes bleeding, delayed healing and more pain. Antibiotics are no longer routinely given and are reserved for serious infections. Remember some discomfort, pain and bleeding are to be expected. If you develop a fever over 100, pain that gets worse over time or have any concerns don't hesitate to call the office

Pain Management:

If you are not allergic to or have stomach issues with ibuprofen ( Advil / Motrin ), you were likely given 400-800mg of this medication in the office. You should continue taking the ibuprofen every 4-6 hours for the next couple of days. If you were given a prescription for a strong pain medication you may take the ibuprofen with it but do not drive, work or use any heavy equipment. Most extractions can be uncomfortable for a couple of days. If your pain is escalating and getting worse and not better call the office. Dr. Gottlieb may prescribe a different medication or ask you to come in for an evaluation.


When the tooth was removed you very likely were told to bite down on some damp gauze. Try to keep this in place until you return home. Upon removal it will look bloody and this is perfectly normal. 

It's normal to bleed or ooze blood from the extraction site for a couple of days. The blood will often mix with your saliva and look worse than it actually is. Go to bed with an old pillowcase so you don't stain or damage your good linens. If you feel you are bleeding excessively place another piece of DAMP gauze over the hole and bite down for 30 minutes without checking it. If you don't have gauze or have used the samples provided you can always bite down on a tea bag.

To Help with Healing:

Do not rinse your mouth vigorously or suck anything through a straw for the first 24 hours. You do not want to disturb or loosed the blood clot in the extraction socket. If you smoke this would be a good time to quit. Certainly do not smoke for 24 hours. Avoid heavy lifting, bending or strenuous workouts for 24 hours. All of the above is to help keep the blood clot in the extraction socket. Rarely the blood may form properly and breaks down. If this happens yo will experience an increase in pain and you should call the office.

Eating and Drinking:

During the healing phase try to eat soft foods on the opposite side of the extraction. Avoid popcorn, seeds and other foods that may get into the extraction socket. After every meal make sure to rinse out your mouth. You can use salt water or if given a prescription rinse by following the directions on the bottle.


Sometimes sutures are required to help speed up the healing and decrease the amount of bleeding. They are normally removed about a week later and is a completely painless process.