New Sensitive Filling

sensitive teeth photoMany times a tooth that has been recently filled can be sensitive to Hot, Cold or even Chewing. Patients will wonder why a tooth that didn't hurt before it was filled is now sensitive and want to know how long the sensitivity will last. The teeth that end up being the most sensitive are the small initial fillings recently placed in a tooth that was never filled before. 

When a tooth is filled with Amalgam ( silver ) the sensitivity to hot and cold is from the rapid conduction of the temperature change through the metal. This usually resolves within two to four weeks once the filling starts to corrode and the tooth calcifies internally. If a white tooth colored filling was placed in the tooth and it's sensitive to hot, cold or chewing it may take as long as six months to improve. White fillings are set and hardened before you leave the office. Many patients leave the office numb and it's hard to tell if the bite is right. If the discomfort occurs while chewing then your bite could be off and will require a minor adjustment. There are many theories why a small but significant percentage of white fillings are sensitive to hot and or cold. We try to minimize this problem by applying desensitizing agents and sealers to the tooth before they are filled. Unfortunately there will always be a small number of patients who will experience hot and cold sensitivity after a white tooth colored filling is placed. As a rule if your tooth is  sensitive determine if your bite is correct. If not have it adjusted. If the sensitivity lasts more that four weeks call the dental office. (516)-796-6600.

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