Levittown dentist sedates anxious patients.

Over 25% of the US population fear going to the dentist.

Many patients tell me they had a traumatic dental experience as a child, the dentist has trouble getting them numb, or gag when anything is placed in the mouth. You are not alone and Dr. Gottlieb built his Levittown and Commack practices to help overcome the cause of your anxiety.

Conscious sedation is different than general anesthesia offered while having an outpatient or in hospital procedure. Sedation is completely safe because you are conscious, always breathing on your own with all your protective reflexes intact. Since sedation not only relaxes you it causes amnesia and patients tell us that they remember nothing or very little of the dentist appointment.

What to expect or is required for my appointment.

You will need a responsible adult to drive you to and from the office. This person must also be willing to stay with you after the appointment or make sure another responsible adult can stay with you until you are fully recovered. Since every patient handles medications differently this may require a few hours or longer. Older patients may need someone to stay overnight. 

Also do not eat or drink anything other than the medications Dr. Gottlieb said you can take with a sip of water. For appointments first thing in the morning do not eat or drink anything after midnight. The medication works better on an empty stomach so 4-6 hours is the ideal amount of time for a late morning or afternoon appointment.

The medication is given to you at the office approximately 30 minutes prior to treatment. It's very important you arrive on time or early to allow the medication to work.

When the appointment is finished you will feel a little numb and as if only a few minutes have passed with very little memory of the treatment. Dr. Gottlieb will explain what treatment was done to your caregiver since you will not remember much of the conversation. If you ever have any questions make sure you ask anyone of the staff or Dr. Gottlieb in the Levittown office. The phone number is 516-796-6600

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Fear of the dentist

It doesn't hurt to ask. Call the Levittown office  516-796-6600 with all your questions or concerns.

Is sedation dentistry right for me?

Oral or I.V. Sedation may be right for you if:

  • Afraid of needles or injections.
  • Anxious about seeing a dentist.
  • Worried about root canal pain.
  • Concerned about pain during dental extractions.
  • Can't sit in the dental chair for long appointments.
  • Just like to be relaxed for your appointment.
  • Hyperactive gag reflex.

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