Can I really have new dentures in an hour?

Yes and no. I was recently exposed to the Larell Dentures in an hour system and it does have its place. Nothing can be more personal or unique as a denture. Your teeth and smile may look common but your gums and the amount of bone support under the gum is as specific as a fingerprint or retinal scan.

The Larell 1 Hour system utilizes a pre-fabricated complete denture. They are available in 5 basic sizes and the denture base can be grossly adapted to an impression of the ridge with boiling water. Once adapted to the model the denture is then tried into the mouth and retrofitted with self-cure acrylic to intimately fit the mouth.
This product is a great solution for a patient who lost or damaged their denture beyond repair and needs a solution quickly to return to work or the community. It’s also a great option for remote locations or individuals with limited access to dental care. Larell dentures look and function well for a lot of patients with a normal bite or jaw relationship and remaining bone support that can be sized to one of the 5 available sizes. Another limitation is the available shades and tooth forms.

If the patient desires a specific shade or specific tooth alignment then conventional dentures are the only option. Every conventional denture is a custom appliance using a set of acrylic denture teeth set into a custom fitted base. The fabrication of a conventional full denture requires several basic steps. We start off with an impression or two of the supporting areas of the mouth. After the impression is taken an anatomic stone model is poured and record base made to establish the bite, midline and vertical dimension (chewing height). This allows the dentist and dental technician to offer a wax try in of the denture to confirm the esthetics, phonetics and function of the new teeth.
Once satisfied with the above, an age old process know as the lost wax technique, converts the wax to a strong durable acrylic. This conversion usually requires pressure and heat so offices or dental laboratories process them overnight. This last step is often the bottleneck to rapid denture delivery.

So yes a set of dentures can be fabricated in an hour but there are also benefits to conventional dentures. To determine which is right for you call the Levittown dental office for a no obligation consultation.

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