Do not stop your Plavix, Aspirin or Coumadin

dental treatment before PlavixPlavix, aspirin, Coumadin or any other blood thinners are prescribed for patients to treat or prevent very serious medical conditions. Your medical problems are more important that a toothache. In my 29 years of practice I have never stopped, decreased or changed the medications a patient was taking prior to treatment. 

Depending on the dental treatment required you may have more bleeding and bruising afterwards. For simple fillings expect some minor swelling at the injection site. If you are having your teeth cleaned the gums will bleed a little more but is very manageable with direct pressure. Just because you are on a blood thinner that does not mean you can't have your teeth cleaned. You must take care of your gums otherwise the dental patient after plavixheavy buildup of plaque and calculus will result in more bleeding and bone loss around the teeth. Many patients over the course of their lifetime will require a root canal therapy.  Root Canal therapy is a very controlled procedure and I have performed many in one or multiple visits without any complications. I always tell the patient to expect a little more soreness - bruising in the area of the injection site. When I'm extracting one or more teeth on a patient taking blood thinners I expect a little more bleeding and they look black and blue in the area of the injections and on the outside of their face around the area of surgery.

 All of these medications have therapeutic levels and I always call the patients physician to confirm their blood levels are in the therapeutic range prior to treatment. My advice is to continue taking your medication and always advise your dentist prior to treatment.

If you would like additional information simply contact me using the contact form or call the office in Levittown. The phone number is 516-796-6600.

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