Cracked Tooth

Everyone uses their teeth to chew food and sometimes other uses. Your teeth are not to be used as a tool. The tooth is made of enamel and a core material known as dentin. Enamel is as hard as glass and the dentin bone. If you chip the enamel many times it can be smoothed off or repaired with a composite bonding material. If the crack goes through the enamel and into the dentin then it can be a problem. Unlike bone, a tooth cannot repair itself so once a crack propagates into the dentin you may need a crown, root canal , or extraction.

The symptoms of a cracked tooth varies from a simple rough edge to throbbing toothache. If you can chew on a soft object without pain then the fracture is likely limited to the enamel. If upon chewing something soft like a rubber band and you experience shooting pain then the crack likely continues on into the dentin and possibly down into the bone. 

If you can't chew on your tooth call for an immediate appointment. Don't wait until it hurts. 

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