Are there any secrets to preventing tooth decay with diabetes?

Diabetic patients are more prone to tooth decay, periodontal disease and heal much slower than non-diabetic patients. Also the longer you are a diabetic the greater the risk. A type 1 diabetic will have more problems that a diet controlled type 2 diabetic.
In order to understand how to prevent tooth decay and dental infections you need to understand the cause. Once you know the cause you can prevent the problem. Three things need to be present. You need to have a tooth, bacteria and a food supply for the bacteria. If you reduce any one of the three components you can slow down or minimize the dental complications of diabetes. To reduce the bacteria in your mouth you can rinse with a chlorhexidine mouthwash. If you have less bacteria you will have less disease or fewer complications. Another option you have is to eliminate the food source to the bacteria and starve them to death. All you need to do is simply brush after every meal and floss your teeth. A tooth brush only cleans the outside and inside of your teeth. Flossing removes the food and plaque between your teeth.
Another tool you can use to prevent tooth decay is to brush with a prescription toothpaste that contains a higher concentration of fluoride or have your dentist make a fluoride tray so you can give yourself home fluoride treatments.
Diabetics need to be monitored more often than non-diabetic patients. Depending on how severe a diabetic you are and how long you have had the disease you made need to be examined every three months. Without a doubt if you are a diabetic and having dental pain or have a dental abscess see your dentist immediately. A diabetic with a dental infection can quickly snowball into a life threatening infection. If you would like additional information on diabetes and dental disease please call the Levittown, NY 11756 office at 516-796-6600.

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